Kalvin & Estrella, by far one of the CUTEST love stories. Straight out of a song, straight out of a freaking movie. With their parents being long time BFFs these two grew up together their ENTIRE life.
You bet there were happy tears behind my camera lens during this ceremony. I got a first hand look down memory lane with a full on display of photos they had taken throughout their life. I will NEVER forget a line from this bride’s vows her her hubby, “I have quite literally love you for my entire life” CUE THE WATERWORKS- someone HELP the photographer ! Wow. Ok, I am basically reliving their wedding day as I write this. I adored these families, the bond and the laughter was contagious. To witness an entire wedding venue full of people who already considered themselves one family was the ultimate party. Kalvin & Estrella you really mastered the whole “marry your best friend” thing and I am ALL here for it.

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