Hi there, I'm Megan!

Most days you can find me cuddled up with my rescue pup Lola or planning my next outdoor adventure with my handsome hubs, Miguel.

I am a lover of all things DIY and a BIG fan of exploring thrift shops.

I am a passionate wedding photographer who loves to serve couples who are looking for a friend-like professional to have along side them on their wedding day.
On the big day I’ll be there to turn moments into memories but I’m no stranger to offering a helping hand to ensure your day runs smoothly!

What else?!

I am a big time supporter of the creative youth! Although I have been in love with photography for over 10 years it took me a long time to find a career path within my passion. As an encourager of students who struggle with finding their place in the creative world I am inspired to help provide opportunities, resources and insight to help them design their futures.

Behind the name, "Four Percent".

I knew I wanted to start a photography company that was about MORE than photography. I consider myself a creator; of art and of opportunities. Opportunities are all around, if you know what to look for. I saw my photography business as an opportunity to help people who struggle in a way that I struggled for so long. Despite the endless internet information, developing a true path to reaching your dreams is not easy. I received my first DSLR camera as a gift in December of 2009. Like many young dreamers, I didn’t have the funds to purchase it myself. This generous gift was the start of a long creative road consisting of amazing opportunities that I unfortunately didn’t always take advantage of because I didn’t realize it until they had passed. I learned from those experiences and went through plenty more obstacles until one day I stopped comparing myself to others and decided failure wasn’t an option. I wanted to live my dream.

This foundation is about providing opportunities and ensuring that knowledge and hands on experience is available to help young creators move forward and closer to their goals. The name is pretty direct, four percent of all income via photography will consistently support the foundation and the opportunities provided to the creative youth.

If this is something that you want to be apart of, whether you need some creative guidance or just want to support, Click Here!

So, you want to know more? Well, here are some fun facts about ME!

  • Sorbet only ICE CREAM eater! Current obsession= Dove Chocolate covered Raspberry Sorbet. YUM.
  • I have one successful “from scratch” baking recipe, #VeganSnickerDoodles – so delicious that I haven’t bothered baking anything else. (P.S.-I discovered this recipe after wanting to impress my vegan mom in law. It worked.)
  • Lola was originally named “Lucky” by the people I adopted her from. I sometimes call her that to see if she would have liked that name more. Nope! She prefers Lola, Lolz, Noodle, Pancake Butt, (Dolores- when Miguel and I are making fun of her) and basically anything else I decide to call her.
  • Bucket List Location- Thailand. Elephant Sanctuary! Where all my dreams will come true.
  • Personal GOAL. Convince the hubs to do videography full time and travel the world together with our future babies.
  • I am either a big chicken or a complete daredevil. Depends on the day, I guess. Example– I’m terrified of heights. Like.. being on a ladder freaks me out. Buuuut.. I’ve gone sky diving. Haha!