If you’re like me and have a REALLY long list of things you want to accomplish sometimes you just have to throw out perfection and get it done! I have postponed sharing my website and blog long enough! The only reason why I have yet to encourage people to check it out is because it is not 100% complete and to my liking. Honestly, in my opinion it’s not even 50% complete. BUT- I am loving what I have so far and that is reason enough to share with you! I am trying out a new thing called acceptance of the outcome. You know, where you just take things for what they are despite your overly exaggerated expectation (and by “your” I mean “my”). 😛 

“Done is Better Than Perfect”… A concept expressed often by a boss lady I greatly admire, Jenna Kutcher. Those words describe not only this website, but the many ideas that I want to bring to life. I have briefly discussed a major part of my vision, the creative foundation! Well there is a tab for that where you will find limited info, but stay tuned because that is one of my next blog posts! FINALLY! You will get the scoop on all things creative youth (whatever the heck that even means) and what inspired me to establish a foundation in the first place!

So! Can you relate to this idea of waiting to do something because it’s not yet “perfect”? If so I encourage you to take a set back, appreciate the work you have put in so far and just go for it. The best way to learn how to make something better is to test out what it’s capable of now!

With that being said, I am taking a leap of faith! I am done waiting for perfection in order to share my work and my current projects! I figured this is a good place to start.

So no, my website it NOT complete. Yes, you will see weird quotes that are temporary place fillers. Will it be that way forever? No Way! Would I prefer you looking at a beautifully designed, 100% complete website, heck yeah. But! Seize the day.

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