Four Percent Photography- The Creative Foundation- What is it?


“What does “four percent” mean in your company name?” This is a question I get asked often and as I continue to grow and develop my brand it will be better represented. In the meantime, here is the vision!


Behind the name “Four Percent Photography”


Not only did I dream of a owning successful a photography business but I wanted to establish a unique way of giving back to others. When I was first starting up my business the basic concept was to donate a portion of my photography income towards a charity. I have always been so inspired by companies like “Love Your Melon” and “Toms”, with their generous concept of giving back to those in need I wanted to do something of my own.  

The Concept

After putting a lot of thought into it and changing my mind multiple times I finally had my moment of clarity and decided to establish my own foundation to help a cause I am so passionate about. Being the multitasker at heart that I truly am, I visualize more than just a photography business. As mentioned in the “My Story” blog, I am creating an EMPIRE. I keep using this word “empire” and spelling it with all caps because the potential my business has is huge! But to convince you it is worth the all caps I’ll explain a little more.

The concept of my foundation is to support young creatives whether they are interested in photography, videography, clothing design, art, music, graphic design, or even DIY items that they create and sell. The list is limitless because creativity is has no limit, and I want to support that. I want to encourage the creative youth, the DIY dreamers and the nontraditional “students” of the world in that their passion can be their career.

How We Help

Through this foundation 4% of all photography income will be put aside to help fund projects within this foundation but there will be opportunities to raise money though other events and donation opportunities as well. Young creatives will have the opportunity to earn equipment, or funds to help further them in their creative field via writing contests and drawings. In addition to this, mentorship opportunities will be provided to help with guidance and advice within their creative interests. I want to create opportunities for them to shine and be seen as well as gain experience in the real world. As a creative person myself my brain is exploding with ideas and events that will truly provide help and guidance for our creative youth as they grow in their desired industry.

How You Can Help

If you or someone you know is interested in collaborating as a sponsor, whether you want to donate, or offer your time to help provide the youth with information or experience, please reach out as I am in the early stages of this and need to build connections in various creative industries!

So there it is! I hope this provides clarification and gets you as excited as I am about the future of Four Percent Photography and the creative youth foundation!

Current Projects

I am currently working on a contest for aspiring photographers to win some awesome beginner’s photography equipment! Stay tuned to find out more!

Connect With Me

If you have any questions or just want to find out more please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below!