Behind the name “Four Percent Photography”


Not only did I dream of a owning successful a photography business but I wanted to establish a unique way of giving back to others. When I was first starting up my business the basic concept was to donate a portion of my photography income towards a charity. I have always been so inspired by companies like “Love Your Melon” and “Toms”, with their generous concept of giving back to those in need I wanted to do something of my own.  

The Concept

After putting a lot of thought into it and changing my mind multiple times I finally had my moment of clarity and decided to establish my own foundation to help students who need guidance and the financial assistance to bring their dreams to life. I want to encourage the creative youth, the nontraditional “students” of the world in that their passion for photography can be their career. I relate to this cause because when I was younger I never knew my passion could be my career. It wasn’t a “sure thing” so I thought it could only be a hobby. But what I have learned along the way is that ANYTHING you have enough passion for can become your career. I was scared to so many years to give photography my 100% but it wasn’t until I did that I truly found the success I had been striving for.

How We Help

Through this foundation 4% of all photography income will contribute towards sponsoring students with new photography equipment and resources that will guide them on their journey to success. 

Our first sponsored student, Enrique was gifted in 2019 with a new Canon DSLR, lens, and accessories after he completed an essay expressing his passion for photography and how this equipment would impact his life. I was so inspired after this initial contest and cannot wait to help more students in the future!

How You Can Help

If you or your business would like to be a sponsor or make a donation feel free to contact me HERE or make a direct donation HERE. Thank you!

Connect With Me

If you have any questions or just want to find out more please feel free to contact me HERE


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